Why Westminster North ?

  •  The Westminster North constituency is a key marginal which both the Labour and Conservative Parties are targeting to win. The leadership of all Parties will be paying close attention to what happens here.
  • The constituency is directly effected by HS2:
    • HS2 passes under the northern parts of Queens Park ward in the constituency, blighting the value of their homes and bringing all the noise, risks and disruption associated with tunnelling operations.
    • There are to be a  ventilation shaft and an auto-transformer station on the edge of the constituency just by Queens Park Station. These huge structures will dominate the area, disadvantage local residents and businesses  and use up a site for which there could be a much more beneficial use.
    • The line then passes just to the north and east of Maida Vale, Abbey Road and Regents Park wards, outside the constituency but near enough to be of concern to electors in those wards.
    •  The whole constituency will suffer from the years of disruption from HS2 works at Euston and elsewhere along the line in West London.
    •  If this project goes ahead, and like the electors in every other constituency in the UK, the voters of Westminster North will be paying for HS2 for generations ahead.
  • Nicholas lives in the City of Westminster, at Warwick Square, Pimlico.
  • Nicholas has an historic family link with the Queens Park area. When in 1886 the Corporation of London purchased the land which is now the site of Queens Park, they bought it with money left to the Corporation by Nicholas’s great great  great uncle, William Ward. William Ward was a merchant who lived in Brixton and who died in 1881. He left the bulk of his estate to the Corporation who used it to found the City of London School for Girls and to buy what is now Queens Park. Nicholas claims absolutely no credit for any of this but it gives him a further reason for wanting to help the residents of the Queens Park ward and the rest of the Westminster North constituency to rid themselves of HS2.