Why try?

  • Nicholas is well aware of the challenges he faces as an Independent candidate in a by-election in a safe Tory seat with many other candidates in the field.
  • He had direct experience of these challenges when he stood as an Independent candidate opposed to HS2 at the last General Election.  He only decided to stand four weeks before the General Election and was not surprised that he only received 63 votes in an electorate of nearly 63,000 voters.
  • Whilst the odds are daunting, Nicholas recognises that in a parliamentary democracy one has to cope with, and try to overcome, these issues.
  • Nicholas is so worried about the HS2 project that he thinks it is important to make this one last attempt to persuade an electorate to share his views and allow him to continue the fight in Parliament and elsewhere.
  • Nicholas hopes that the voters of Witney will show the characteristic British support for the under-dog and will give him their vote.