Why as an Independent Candidate ?

Nicholas believes that HS2 is an alarming example of what can happen if the normal Government/Opposition process in the House of Commons breaks down and all the main parties, in this case the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties,  come together to push through an unpopular measure:

  • Concerns and  criticism expressed by official bodies and informed commentators  are ignored, 
  • Legitimate pleas  of  communities, individuals and businesses prejudiced by the project are trampled upon in a  one-sided mitigation process,
  • An expensive bureaucracy is hired to implement the project and operates inefficiently without proper ministerial control,
  • Corners are cut and mistakes are made,
  • The House of Lords is ignored when performing its proper role in our present system of government, scrutinising legislation as a “revising chamber”,
  • The House of Commons is brought into disrepute.

Nicholas believes that the House of Commons would benefit from the election of a number of MPs who have no party-political affiliation and who participate in proceedings independently, not adopting collective policy decisions but rather speaking and voting as individuals.  He envisages Independent MPs in the House of Commons playing a role similar to that of the Independent Crossbench Peers in the House of Lords.   http://www.crossbenchpeers.org.uk/

In this spirit, Nicholas is concentrating his General Election campaign on HS2 and does not intend to criticise any of the parties engaged in this election other than in respect of their relevance to the campaign against HS2.

 If elected as Independent MP for Westminster North, Nicholas will:

  •  Fight for HS2 to be stopped,
  • Vote independently on other matters, deciding on an issue-by-issue basis what he feels is best for the constituency and the country,
  • Work for the election of other Independent candidates at appropriate by-elections in the new Parliament and at the General Election in 2020.