Planning the Campaign

Because Nicholas only decided to stand very recently and because he does not have the resources of a political  party to support him, Nicholas’s campaign will not be as visible as the campaigns of other parties. Nevertheless, he will do all he can to get his message to as many electors in Westminster North as possible.

The first step has been to create this website. Nicholas has some computer skills, mainly  email, but has had to rely  heavily on the help of  a friend, Paul Browne in producing this website. The site will evolve as the campaign progresses so please do visit it again.

Nicholas hopes to canvass in person  in some streets in all wards in the constituency but will not be able to get to every house or flat in every street. He will concentrate initially on the wards most immediately  effected by HS2 – Queens Park, Maida Vale, Abbey Road and Regents Park – but sees HS2 as an issue which will affect every voter in every ward.

 Nicholas will be happy to attend any hustings or public meeting of which he is made aware. Please do email him with details.

 He will also visit as many markets and shopping areas as he can.

A Campaign Leaflet will be delivered to every domestic address in the constituency starting Friday 24th April. You can view the Campaign Leaflet HERE

A Press Release announcing Nicholas's Campaign was issued starting Tuesday 21st April to national and local media. You can view the Press Release HERE

If you would like to help Nicholas in his campaign, please let him know at But please remember that Nicholas is subject to strict electoral rules, so please discuss any ideas you may have with him beforehand.

Nicholas is available to anyone in the media who would like to speak to him or interview him. Again, please contact him at