Nicholas's appearance before the Commons Select Committee on HS2

Nicholas made his own appearance before the HS2 Select Committee on Tuesday 17 March.

His  submission drew from his experience as a former Public Member of Network Rail and from what he saw during nine days of watching the Committee at work hearing petitions relating to a 25 mile stretch of the line as it passes through South Northamptonshire (where he and his wife have their home) from Ladbroke in Warwickshire to Newton  Purcell in Oxfordshire.

Nicholas drew the Committee’s attention to a number of examples  of:-

  • Sloppy, misleading or inaccurate information from HS2
  • Double standards in settlements reached by HS2
  • Flawed logic in one of HS2’s key arguments
  • Unacceptable behaviour by HS2 staff
  • Concerns about the credibility of undertakings given by HS2

This evidence illustrates what London petitioners can expect in due course unless HS2’s staff and advisers are  brought under proper control.

Nicholas  finished his submission to the Committee by listing thirteen requests which he believes need to be implemented in order to try to improve the quality of HS2’s evidence and of their behaviour before the Committee. These are set out HERE.

 The full minutes of Nicholas’s appearance can be viewed HERE 

 The video recording of his appearance before the Committee can be viewed HERE