In Witney

  • HS2 is such a huge project that it will affect everyone throughout the UK.
  • Witney constituency taxpayers will contribute to the £56bn plus, plus cost of HS2.
  • There is no direct benefit to Witney constituency residents.  Nearest stations are at Solihull and West London.
  • West Oxfordshire is not an island; Witney’s constituency residents will suffer from what HS2 does miles from the constituency.
  • HS2 will do direct damage to communities, ancient woodlands and countryside in east Oxfordshire and in adjoining counties in Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire.
  • HS2 will cause huge congestion on many major routes to the east of the constituency for the decade-long construction period.
  • Journey times from Wiest Oxfordshire to points east of HS2 and to London will increase significantly.
  • Other Oxfordshire roads will suffer increased traffic as drivers find ways of avoiding major congestion points.