HS2 in the House of Commons

  • Supported by all main parties:-
    • Conservative
    • Labour
    • Liberal Democrats
    • Scottish Nationalists
  • The same alliance whose Remain campaign statements and predictions have proved so inaccurate.
  • Only about 40 MPs voted against the Bill.
  • Concerns at HS2 conduct at Commons Select Committee on HS2:-
    • Nicholas watched the Select Committee at work for several days.
    • Nicholas addressed the Committee on 17 March 2015 and said:-

HS2’s evidence, arguments and conduct in these proceedings fall far short of what one would expect from such an important public body. This would not be accepted in a court. Nor in a planning appeal. Nor in any company seeking to raise money on the Stock Exchange. This should not be allowed in these important proceedings.”

  • For video of this Hearing, click here
  • Public Accounts Committee concerns in Report issued 14 September 2016:-
    • “We are not convinced that the timetable for delivering HS2 is realistic”.
    • “The Department does not have a clear enough picture of the estimated costs for Phase 2.”
    • For link to the full Report, click here.....