About Nicholas



About Nicholas

Nicholas is now retired following a career spanning more than fifty years.

For 20 years or so before he retired, Nicholas acted as Chairman or Non-Executive Director of various companies, public sector bodies and charities.

A number of business appointments were turnarounds of companies in financial difficulties.  Some cases were harder than others, but Nicholas always worked on the basis that, no matter how difficult the odds, one had to go on trying to achieve one’s objective for as long as there was any chance of success.  This attitude has motivated his decision to stand in the Witney by-election.

In the public and voluntary sectors, his independent appointments have included the chairmanship of NHS Supplies Authority and non-executive directorships of Regional Health Authorities which covered the Oxfordshire area.  He has also been a Public Member of Network Rail.

Nicholas and his wife, Veronica, have had their family home at Greatworth in Northamptonshire for some 34 years.  Greatworth is about 15 miles outside the Witney constituency, is closely linked to Banbury and is in the Oxfordshire postal area.  They also have a home in London.

HS2 passes close to Greatworth but does not directly affect Nicholas and Veronica’s home.

Nicholas and Veronica are active in local issues and, together with many other excellent local volunteers, have played a role in a six-year battle to prevent the construction of a windfarm that would have been visible from Oxfordshire.  This battle was finally won this summer.

If elected as Independent MP for Witney, Nicholas will fight for HS2 to be stopped and will vote independently on other matters, deciding on an issue-by-issue basis what he believes to be best for the constituency and the country.  He will support Theresa May’s Government as it implements the country’s Brexit decision.

As an Independent candidate, Nicholas is concentrating his by-election campaign on HS2 and does not intend to criticise any of the parties engaged in this election other than in respect of their relevance to the campaign against HS2.

Nicholas recently took part in the Dominoes event on 4th September 2016 when 26,000 breeze blocks were tumbled on the streets of the City to mark the 350th Anniversary of the Great Fire of London. He describes it as fantastic fun!