Ballot Papers

  • There will be fourteen names on the ballot paper on 20 October,  including two other Independents.
  • Because Nicholas is an Independent candidate and is not standing for any party, he will suffer from two major disadvantages:-
    • He will not be allowed to have a description such as "Independent-against-HS2" on the ballot paper and the only  description will be “Independent”.
    • He is not allowed to have a symbol or emblem, so that column will be blank.
  • Because the names on the ballot paper are in alphabetical order, Nicholas will be at the bottom of the ballot paper. Please vote for me on 20th October.
  • Nicholas is keen that voters should be aware of all this so that there is no confusion when they come to cast their vote.
  • If you want to support Nicholas' campaign against HS2, please go straight to the bottom paper and put your cross against Nicholas Ward - Independent.